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#FollowtheLite February Feature: Segun Idowu

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LiteWork Events originated as a vision to create an Urban Socialite Network in Boston. What better way to build on this vision than to highlight some of Boston’s most dynamic urban young professionals and socialites! Check out our latest feature, and hopefully you’ll also catch up with them at our next event!

Segun OiduwuName: 

Segun Idowu

Where are you from? 
Grew up all over Boston, but spent most of my time in Dorchester
Alma Mater? 

Morehouse College ’12

What brings you to Boston?
I’m from Boston so I’d say family and wanting to make my community better are keeping me here
Tell us about yourself (Career? What are you passionate about? Any side hustles?):
I currently serve as the Visitor Services Manager at the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate. A lot of my time is spent as Co-Organizer of the Boston Police Camera Action Team, a community organization that pushed Boston to start a pilot body camera program, and is now working to get our draft policy adopted by the City Council and Boston Police Department.

I started BPCAT with a longtime high school friend, Shekia Scott back in August 2014. I remember when Mike Brown was killed, we were very pissed off at everything that was happening. She was ready to fly to Ferguson and fight back there. I was too. But after thinking about it, I felt that it was our duty to stay here and make sure Michael Brown didn’t wind up laying face down for 4 hours on Blue Hill Ave.; or that Tamir Rice wasn’t shot to death in Jeep Jones Park; or that Eric Garner wasn’t choked to death on Warren Street. So we formed the group with several other Bostonians and decided to be a single-issue organization dedicated to equipping officers with body-worn cameras as well as getting the police department to adopt the policy we wrote in conjunction with the Harvard Black Law Student Association, Digital Fourth, and the ACLU.
All of these things fall under the umbrella of my passion to not just say I want to make my community better, but do the work to make it so.
What’s one thing we should know about you?
I adore laughter! I love making folks laugh, even if it’s pointing fun at myself. With everything around us that makes us stress out from time to time, having fun and a few moments of joy are really important to me. I also have a mixtape coming out that I’ll tweet to everyone later.

How can people connect with you? (Please include at least 1 social media link/ email address)

For BPCAT, we have a website (www.bpcat.org), Twitter (@bpcatorg), and an email (bpcatorg@gmail.com). I’m mostly active on Twitter @RevrendDoctor, but if you just want to see the good stuff, you can always find me on Facebook!

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