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The Boston Black Student Network (BBSN)

The Boston Black Student Network (BBSN) is a student-operated 501(c)(3) non-profit organization comprised of African American students who attend colleges and universities in and around the Boston Area. BBSN aims to create and maintain an open line of communication among colleges and universities in and around Boston so to best utilize the knowledge, talent, and resources of the Black community. In adopting this mission, we aim to uplift the Black student community and help its progression towards a positive future.

Get Involved

We are currently seeking student leaders for the 2019-2020 academic year!

To apply, visit tinyurl.com/bbsninternship

For more information, email: bostonblackstudentnetwork@gmail.com.

Our History

In 2003, six college students from four different universities sought to revive what had once been known as the Boston Black Student Network. Although the network had been in existence since 1996, its original purpose was to remain a venue for communication among the leaders of the black organizations of differing campuses. However, frequent changeover in black student leadership and intermittent communication between undergraduate groups hampered its growth and expansion.

In order to reactive the network and spread word to the masses, they established a brand new event, The HollaDay, to kick off the new school year. Not only did the event strive to bring all black students together, but it also let them know about the existence and advantage of participating in the network. As The HollaDaY introduced new and returning black students to BBSN, it also served as a networking initiative – encouraging healthy communication between the Black communities of the various colleges/universities present. Additionally, since most Black college students are new to the Boston area, it provided them with an opportunity to discover resources that cater to the Black community – namely various businesses, newspapers, community organizations, and restaurants – in their new home. Over time, The HollaDay grew to attract over 1,300 students at its peak.

In 2019, BBSN is excited to announce the return of The HollaDay.

HollaDay 2013