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#FollowtheLite March Feature: Kettianne Cadet

Kettianne CadetName: Kettianne Cadet

Where are you from? Sharon, MA

Alma Mater? B.A – Boston College ’10 ; M.A – King’s College London’ 12

What brings you to Boston? Although I’m from the area, for roughly 5 years I’ve lived abroad and in 4 different countries (France, UK, Spain and Haiti) – so it was about time I came back home to my family and friends!

Tell us about yourself (Career? What are you passionate about? Any side hustles?):

I’m a international affairs professional passionate about international development, women empowerment, and conflict resolution.

For my day job, I work at Accion, a global non-profit advancing financial inclusion by providing microenterprise loans and business training to individuals and supporting microfinance institutions to deliver financial services to low-income clients.

After living abroad for some time and continuously striving to make an impact in international communities, I wanted to be able to add value to my community locally.  So in 2014 I started and implemented a social initiative called Women with Purpose in Boston. Women with Purpose is the name of our series of professional development seminars for women who identify as minorities from Boston and its’ surrounding urban communities. The program, which take places over a series of three consecutive months in the spring, convenes women who are movers and shakers in the community to come learn and talk about a variety of topics which vary from (but are not limited to) personal branding, negotiation, networking tactics and financial literacy.

Last year, we successfully launched our series of professional development seminars on the first Saturdays from March through May, bringing together cumulatively over 70 participants and 20 speakers. This year, we are so excited to share we will be sponsored by and hosted at the Moakley Center at Suffolk University!  

In addition to starting Women with Purpose, I teach negotiation training, mainly to nonprofit professionals and students across the U.S. I’m also a certified mediator in MA. Another side hustle of mine is that I do liquor promotions representing brands at functions and events in the city! People always smirk when I mention that, but hey I have a lot of fun offering people free drinks!

What’s one thing we should know about you? I’m addicted to traveling. Sure at times it’s a problem for my pockets, but I absolutely love exploring new places, learning about new cultures, and picking up a word or two in a different language! If you’re planning a trip, let me know! I’ve been to 28 countries thus far and have this goal to 30 countries by 30!

How can people connect with you? Feel free to email me via kettimc@gmail.com or if you’re interested in joining us for the seminars, make sure to sign up and like us on Facebook!

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