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#FollowtheLite January 2016 Feature – Kayla Morse

Follow the LiteLiteWork Events originated as a vision to create an Urban Socialite Network in Boston. What better way to build on this vision than to highlight some of Boston’s most dynamic urban young professionals and socialites! Check out our latest feature, and hopefully you’ll also catch up with them at our next event!

Name: Kayla J. MorseKayla Morse
Where are you from? Orlando, FL
Alma Mater? B.S.   University of Florida, 2011 | M.Ed.   University of Massachusetts Boston,  2012
What brings you to Boston?
As an undergrad at UF, I had a sudden passion for urban education and equity among special populations.  I wanted to go into teaching, but felt stuck as a non-traditional education student.  I was drawn to Boston by the Boston Teacher Residency program, which focuses on training non-traditional educators through a 13 month clinical residency while serving and learning in Boston Public Schools in preparation for a career in teaching.

Tell us about yourself (What are you passionate about? Any side hustles?):

I am extremely passionate about social justice within the education field. Specifically, social justice in pedagogy for students with cognitive and emotional disabilities.  I have worked as a special educator and have studied the neurological impact in mathematics of thee populations.  I plan to enter into doctoral study in the next few years, studying the cognitive impact of trauma in the learning of mathematics.

I am a Founding 3rd grade teacher of the Dudley Street  Neighborhood Charter School, where I also serve as a Collaborating Teacher for Resident Teachers (graduate students) that I coach and train daily within the school context.  For my work as a new teacher, I’ve been featured in the American Federation of Teachers, Massachusetts Digest 2013 and on PBS Newshour’s Weekly segment on Evolution on Teacher Training.

One of my side hustles would include specialized private tutoring for students with dyslexia and language based disabilities that impact reading.  I am a certified instructor and have open tutoring slots for 2-3 times as week during the summer and spring months.

What’s one thing we should know about you?

I’m not a boring teacher!  I pride myself on changing that narrative in the world.

I seek to first equip my students to be citizens of the world by being critical thinkers. I cultivate a space that promotes civic engagement, community support, self-love and self-respect so that our children of color have the academic and social skills to participate in a democratic society.

Outside of school, I love a thrill!  I love roller coasters, sky diving, rock climbing, etc.

How can people connect with you? Email Kayjmorse@gmail.com or my LinkedIn profile.

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