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Tony Barros of Restaurante Cesaria

Restaurante Cesaria
266 Bowdoin Street
Cape Verdean Cuisine
Owner: Tony Barros


If you’ve never tasted the rich, comforting food of Cape Verde, an archipelago off the coast of West Africa, it’s time to visit Restaurante Cesaria in Dorchester…

Owner Tony Barros tells us that they have plenty of regulars — which is obvious watching police officers chat with the host while they wait for takeout, and patrons introduce family members to servers at the lunch buffet line. Barros adds that he hosts guests from all over New England (plus some international visitors), who come for the food and live music.

Start with one of the many cocktails, which skew strong and sweet, like the Nho Antone Escaderode. The mango-flavored concoction, made with the Real McCoy rum, fruit puree, Ancho Reyes chile liqueur, and muddled mint, is one of several named for a song by Cesaria Evora, the famous Cape Verdean singer and the restaurant’s namesake.

According to Barros and a slew of online reviews, food is only half the draw of Cesaria. The cavernous brick space is built to be a supper club, with a stage as the focal point… Cape Verde is known for its music. It’s pretty good motivation to come back for what has kept this neighborhood gem open — and vibrant — for [over] 15 years.

Source: Boston Globe

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