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#FollowtheLite July Feature: Victoria Fernandes

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LiteWork Events originated as a vision to create an Urban Socialite Network in Boston. What better way to build on this vision than to highlight some of Boston’s most dynamic urban young professionals and socialites! Check out our latest feature, and hopefully you’ll also catch up with them at our next event!

Name: Victoria FernandesVictoria Fernandes

Where are you from? Born in Boston, raised in Randolph, MA

Alma Mater? Wheelock College, Boston, MA: Bachelors of Science in Human Development, Child Life, Family Centered-Care.

What brings you to Boston?

Being from this great city, I figured I’d start building here before going elsewhere. Boston is known for great educational opportunities both in the academic and professional world. I am also in the city to connect and bring people together for a good time.

Tell us about yourself (What are you passionate about? Any side hustles?):

I am very passionate about serving. I’ve spent my entire career in the healthcare setting and I’ve dabbled in a few different roles: Volunteer, Ambulatory Services Representative, and Child Life Specialist. Having the opportunity to constantly work with patients, both clinically and professionally, heightened my passion for the field and left me eager to do more. I now have hopes in pursuing my Master’s in Nursing and becoming a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner.

Another passion of mine, which you can call a side hustle, is DJ’ing! I’ve always adored music and its way of uniting people. After completing my Bachelor’s, my passion for music never subsided and I knew I had to feed that feeling. I discovered the Mmmmaven Project, a Boston-based future music academy and enrolled in DJ courses. DJ’ing became my artistic expression and my connection to others. I’ve now been DJ’ing publicly for 4 years and I love every moment!

What’s one thing we should know about you? I love and live to travel! I’ve traveled to 11 different countries so far and I can’t wait to discover the rest of the world.

How can people connect with you? People can connect with me Email: slickvickdj@gmail.com, Twitter & Instagram: @DJ_SlickVick and Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/djslickvick-1

And there you have it folks… #followthelite! And don’t forget to catch Slick Vick on the 1’s and 2’s July 19th for the Urban Trendsetters Day Party!