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#FollowtheLite February Feature: Stephanie Pierrette

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LiteWork Events originated as a vision to create an Urban Socialite Network in Boston. What better way to build on this vision than to highlight some of Boston’s most dynamic urban young professionals and socialites! Check out our latest feature, and hopefully you’ll also catch up with them at our next event!

Stephanie PierretteName: Stephanie Pierrette
Where are you from? Malden, Massachusetts
Alma Mater? UMASS Lowell
What brings you to Boston? I’m originally from North Cambridge then moved to Malden when I was in elementary school. After college, I spent some time in DC and fell in love with the vibe and culture there. I then decided to move to Boston in 2014 to truly experience what it is to live in Boston and not in the outskirts. I also figured that living in the city would give me better insight on what I think could make this place more appealing to the young single adults!
Tell us about yourself (What are you passionate about? Any side hustles?): I’m passionate about a lot of things, but number one on my list right now is match making.  There is an overwhelming amount of amazing single men and amazing single women here in the Boston area.  I am looking to provide a fun and new atmosphere to get these amazing people to meet.  I seem to always match my friends, organize and host speed dating events and I am looking to begin hosting mixers for the single folks out here as well!  Anyone really serious about making romantic connections and is open minded, please contact me!

What’s one thing we should know about you? That I always have a great idea and I have an 80% execution rate!  By the time I finish thinking of an idea, I probably already planned it out.

How can people connect with you? Instagram @Boogszz  or email: Pierrette600@gmail.com

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